Jay Sweifach on keyboards Alan Sweifach on clarinet Jim Bazewicz on drums.  (Vintage photo from 1991)

 The Hester Street Troupe, a group specializing in Klezmer and Jewish entertainment has been electrifying audiences for over thirty years. Their extraordinary repertoire consists of Klezmer, a style where the clarinet imitates human emotions like laughing and crying, songs from the Yiddish Vaudeville and Second Avenue Theatres, as well as classic older and more contemporary Jewish Melodies.  


The group has three recordings; their most recent, On Second Avenue is a celebration of songs from the Yiddish Vaudeville and the Lower East Side as well as traditional Klezmer medleys. Their first recording, Generation to Generation, connects you with the traditions of the Jewish experience and asks the question "who will be the Zayde's of our children?" The second, Sounds of the Shtetl, is a peek at a slice of life in the old Jewish community called the Shtetl. You will hear horse hooves clopping on cobblestone as street vendors hawk their wares and the Klezmer musicians frolic in the street.  

The Troupe has performed extensively throughout the Northeast as well as in in Florida, playing to standing-room-only audiences. This much sought after group combines a special brand of shtick with popular Jewish songs for an explosive evening of entertainment. You are guaranteed to be dancing and singing in the aisles as you are delighted by this dynamic trio

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